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eXtra Phone Point is a highly respected Data Cabling company which has been established on the Gold Coast since 1999, commercial and residential servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

eXtra Phone Point employs ACMA certified cablers with a solid background in IT, which is so necessary for data cablers in todays market due to the huge reliance on technology even in homes.We are particularly competent in assisting with internet related issues and can provide Fibre-Optic services.

Our vans cover from Gold Coast to Brisbane. eXtra Phone Point has agents nationally, so if you are a multi-branch organisation or need standardisation of your data cabling services, we can assist.

If you need advice on your project, large or small, call and speak to us anytime.

eXtra Phone Point - Gold Coast, Brisbane

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane with agents nationally
Phone 1300 663 096 or 0412 359 355

eXtra Phone Point is your Telco Approved High Speed Broadband Specialist

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Email: info@extraphonepoint.com