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Telco & IT Data Cabling Specialists Servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane

Data & Telecommunications
Voice over IP Technology (VoIP) Installation – ‘Cloud’ Enablement
NBN –  Internet – Wi-Fi –  Fibre-Optic –  Coax – Cat5e / Cat 6 /  Cat6A –  Phone / Data Points

eXtra Phone Point  offer you superior cable installation from our staff who are fully licensed and qualified under the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA).  eXtra Phone Point is a Level 1 Corporate Internet and Network installer for major national Telecommunications organizations.

eXtra Phone Point is very popular with National ISPs, IT/Telco Wholesalers, for their ability to complete valuable investigations and surveys. To achieve the best results for their clients  in all areas of Data / Voice / telecommunications, the internal cabling must be first class.  We are able to identify current cabling capabilities and make recommendation for upgrading and/or replacement to suit their direction and projects. 

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Extra Phone Point - Gold Coast, Brisbane - NBN connect, Data Voice Cable Installation

Telco & IT Data Cabling Specialists
Servicing Gold Coast &  Brisbane 

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eXtra Phone Point is your Telco Approved VoIP – ‘Cloud’ Enablement / Data & NBN Installation Specialist

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