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NBN Enablement

  • eXtra Phone Point can assist with ‘enabling’ your NBN installation.
  • NBN providers usually install to one point in the Offices / Home.
  • Your existing cabling in the property is not NBN ready excepting for that one point of installation.
  • Phone and internet Sockets throughout the property will not work.


Once NBN is available in your area, you have the added advantage of cost effective VoiP product as well as high speed internet. Your internet services provider ( ISP ) has available NBN packages with higher capacity upload.


When selecting your  NBN package from your ISP,  ensure that you check the UPLOAD as well as the DOWNLOAD capacity. Assess the longterm requirements for your office/s, building, apartment, home, number of users etc. Seek advice and ensure that, in terms of capacity, you make a wise choice.

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